Light Developer


Professional photo editor that improves the quality of your pictures


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This photo software was created as a solution for professional and novice photographers who need an editor to manage their galleries, improve photo quality, and apply any necessary corrections.

Light Developer is a software with many types of features to improve your photographs, even if you don't have specific knowledge of digital editing.

When you open the program a wizard will ask what you want to edit, and show you the most common options to improve your pictures: applying noise reduction, exposure adjustment, white balance correction, lighting, contrast, red-eye correction, and skin softening.

If you opt to deactivate the assistant and work manually, you can improve your picture in a matter of minutes no matter the format of your images. Light Developer can work with JPEG, TIFF, and many other extensions.

Every imperfection in the photos will disappear when you use this application. In addition, you can add frames, filters, text, and print your photos by the batch.

- Trial version works for 30 days.

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